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Tomax Puzzle 

We have been specialist manufacturers and
exporter of paper puzzles for over 25 years and
have built a reputation for producing appealing boxed puzzles and
frame tray puzzles of the highest quality.

We originally had only twelve pictures in our range,
which has now grown to over 700 titles running from 12 to 4000 pieces.
We depict images ranging from landmarks to famous works of art.
Our standard range of puzzles has designs to suit all ages from 4 to 104.

This website is an online order catalog.
All the puzzles are traded directly by our company in

large commercial quantities for import,
re-export and wholesale purposes.

Puzzle selection varies by location. If you are looking for a specific image,
please contact us directly to verify availability. In order to produce

the best jigsaw puzzle,
we treasure any idea or advice from you that would help us
improve our current products.

Please kindly send your comments to

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